2011 R Hill sth Chardo Jeremy Pringle

The less expensive Circe Chardonnay from 2011 is a razor’s edge affair. All cut and thrust, drive and penetration. It will benefit from extended cellaring or a thorough decant. Coiled and intense, if you drink it now please don’t serve it too cold.

Opens up with the subtle fragrance of lemons alongside hints of herbs and stone fruit kernels. Whispers of fruit flavour on the palate, green apple and pear, yet they echo profoundly. Linear with a lengthy wet slate finish. Precision personified with scintillating energy marking it as a wine to watch. Should it fulfil its potential (and having tasted it over three days I think it will) the rating should go up. Circe are certainly going forwards. And go forth they should.

Very Good – Excellent – Jeremy Pringle

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