2014 Hillcrest Road Pinot Noir

I asked winemaker Dan Buckle about this wine. He responded with: ?The 2014 Hillcrest Rd Vineyard PN comes from the vineyard we have been farming since 2009 in Red Hill roughly halfway between

Tuck?s Ridge and Paringa as the crow flies. It?s a 1.5 acre block with MV6 planted in 1993. The 2014 yield was approx 0.8 tonnes per acre. We manage the Pinot to one bunch per shoot. It?s 100% whole bunch and foot stomped. Around 20 days total maceration. Roughly 20% new oak all Francois Freres barriques. No racking, fining or filtration.?

It?s made for a stunning wine. Explosively savoury; fundamentally tannic; smoky; more about roots than effects. It?s light but long, just-ripe enough but entirely compelling. Its best days are well ahead of it; it was made to mature. It?s the antithesis of the slam-bam style. 95+ Points

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