2013 Hillcrest Pinot Noir

May well be the most accomplished expression of the Hillcrest Vineyard (pictured on the right) that I’ve tasted… although I couldn’t find it in myself to crack a 2012 to taste alongside it. Verticals will come later. More palate weight here and plenty of forest-like, trodden root tones matched to the cherried, berried flavour with a light plum bass line underpinning the wine. Terrific depth of fruit and beguiling fragrance. Whole bunch savouriness seems higher in the mix and the interplay between sweet fruit and savoury herbs comes across as more pronounced – although on the second day they’ve sunk into a rather harmonious whole. Spicy with mild charcuterie characters. A gentle complexing bitterness on the back-palate. Greater emphasis on tannin when it comes to carrying the structural load although the acidity is still bright and the wine fluid. 95 points Jeremy Pringle

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